About TEN Accelerated ICT Training

Photo Credit: Gertrude Cooper
Project Name: Accelerated ICT Training
Country/Location: Rural and Urban Schools
Project description:  TEN design this project to build the capacity underprivileged Liberian youth/ young adult with ICT training
Duration: Four Years
Cost:  Request full proposal

The problem: Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic, was founded in 1847 by free slaves from the United States of America, and has remained an independent nation since its establishment. Since its independence in 1847, Liberia experienced one of the most disparaging civil wars in the 20th century. The civil war began in 1989 and continued, with only brief interludes of peace, until 2003. Thousands upon thousands of Liberians lost their lives; approximated 250,000 Liberians lost their levies out of a population of less 2.5 million at the inception of the civil conflict. Over 2 millions of the total population fled their homes to live in Displaced Centers (DC) because of the growing violence and abused of human rights while others fled the country across international borders to seek safety and live as refugees in other West African countries such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, etc. Up to present, most of these people still live as refugees in these countries, even though there has been restoration of reasonable stability since 2003. Many Non-governmental organizations, both International and Local organizations have been assisting Liberia's war victims. Internally displaced families received immediate food and medical aid, followed by agricultural support so they could feed themselves once again. Similar emergency aid and agricultural support went to Liberian refugees across the border in countries where Liberian refugees are based. More recently, with the end of the war, Organizations have undertaken resettlement assistance as well as rebuilding essential infrastructure especially medical facilities that had been destroyed during the war. Most of these returnees during their displacement, made more efforts on finding food for survival and little or no attention were given to improving themselves academically or vocationally. This indeed poses a potential threat to sustainable peace. On the other hand, all facets of modern society are becoming knowledge dependent, and without the essential knowledge and technological skills for modern living, people will remain on the margins of society, and society itself will lose their vast potential contributions.

Propose solution: TEN focuses on delivering accelerated ICT training that will build the capacity and Capabilities of war affected, underprivileged youth and underserved individuals who currently receive little or no benefit of ICT.

Outcomes: The objectives of this program are enormous. At TEN we strongly believed that knowledge is power and therefore the transfer of knowledge to economically disadvantage people will not just make them marketable but will also make them productive icons in the ICT driven global society. Some objective includes, but not limited to the following:
This four years ICT training program has several circles and at the end of every circle beneficiaries:
•Shall have access and benefit from state-of –the-art ICT training free of charge.
•Shall be empowered with high core ICT skills and technologies thus making beneficiaries economically marketable and
•The digital divide within counties and Liberia as a whole will be bridged.
•Interested donors can request full proposal for all other details.