Our Goal

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For a more realistic and meaningful understanding of our goals, firstly understand the term “digital divide” as mention in our mission statement. It is a term that describe the uneven global distribution of access to computers, in order word, it refer to individuals who are able to access computers and the Internet and those who have no opportunity to do so.

Countries are experiencing significant shifts in the global economic environment characterized by changing patterns of trade and competition, technological innovation, and globalization of information. Together, these developments are producing a new worldwide economy that is global, high speed, knowledge driven, and competitive. At the national level, all facets of modern society are becoming knowledge dependent, and without the essential ICT knowledge and other technological skills for modern living, people will remain on the margins of society, and society itself will lose their vast potential contributions. There is a huge digital divide  with in Liberia. TEN will bridge this divide and extend access to information, technologies and technological skills development; thereby creating an environment where the underserved shall have adequate access to computer, internet, information and training thus; building their capacity for economic productivity.